Team Nicaragua: Safe Arrival and Sunday Fun Day

Dec. 9, 2019

Today‎ was‎ such‎ an‎ amazing‎ day‎ filled‎ with‎ fun,‎ excitement and‎ lots‎ of‎ laughs.‎ We‎ started‎ our‎ day‎ with‎ a‎ road‎ trip‎ into‎ the‎ mountains‎ to‎ visit‎ a‎ coffee‎ plantation‎ called‎ Selva‎ Negra.‎ We‎ were‎ able‎ to‎ see‎ and‎ learn‎ how‎ they‎ grow‎ and‎ process‎ coffee‎ beans‎ organically‎ and drank coffee‎ straight‎ from‎ the‎ source‎.‎ The‎ owner‎ of‎ the‎ plantation‎ even signed‎ some‎ of‎ the‎ coffee‎ we‎ got!

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On the way home from the plantation we played heads up on the bus. When we arrived back we‎ had‎ our‎ mock‎ clinic‎ to‎ get‎ a‎ better‎ understanding‎ of‎ what‎ we‎ will‎ be‎ doing‎ for‎ the‎ week. We‎ checked inventory‎ and‎ prepped for‎ our first day tomorrow.‎ Now‎ time‎ for‎ some‎ rest.‎ I’m‎ looking‎ forward‎ to‎ seeing‎ the‎ impact‎ that‎ OneWorld Health‎ is‎ having here in Nicaragua!

+ Devin Garoutte, DSG Volunteer, Illinois

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