Team Uganda: Clinic Day 1

Dec. 10, 2019

Today was a great first clinic day! We started off early this morning at 6 am team breakfast then loaded up the truck and drove about 30 minutes outside of Masindi. It was amazing to pull up to the clinic site and see about 100 people already waiting in line for us to open. Some of these people got in line at 5 pm the night before, which blew my mind and really put it into perspective how blessed we are for such accessible health care back home. Everyone on our team and the local staff here did such a great job today getting all of our patients taken care of.

We got to see almost 200 patients today, which for a small group, like ours, is pretty impressive. I’m super proud of our team and the local staff for all we accomplished today. We opened the clinic at 8 am and worked nonstop seeing patients till 5:30 pm when the final prescription went out. We are all so grateful for our interpreters who made our work today possible. After packing up the truck and returning back to the hotel, we had a nice group dinner and all headed to bed shortly after because we are so exhausted and need to be ready for it all over again tomorrow!

+ Lauren Taylor, Non-medical volunteer, Maryland

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Clinic Day 1: Olata, the first day of clinic was a success! Our entire team worked diligently and saw almost 200 patients in Masindi. My role in pharmacy was a completely new experience for me. I had to move and learn quickly. Fortunately, Kimberly was an amazing teacher and had a lot of patience and Maggie was the best motivator with Christmas music. I can’t wait for the next experience that tomorrow brings.

+ Laura Joaqui, Student at College of Charleston, South Carolina

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