Team Costa Rica: Clinic Day 5

Feb. 21, 2020

We can’t believe today was our last day of clinic! Prior to starting off the day, we stopped by the CFCI clinic in La Carpio for a quick tour. We met Suzy, a nurse serving in the clinic for 20+ years, as well as some of the physicians who volunteer. They serve ~20 patients a day, 4 half-days a week. Many of the patients we have seen throughout this week will receive follow-up care through this clinic.

What a joy it has been to engage and love on each and every patient that walks through the doors of our make-shift clinics. Over the course of the week, we provided a listening ear, medical diagnoses, medications, glasses/sunglasses, physical therapy and counseling to 667 patients living in Costa Rica. These patients ranged from 1 month old to 95 years old! While parents were being seen, our team graciously entertained tons of sweet children by making balloons out of medical gloves, playing chase around the clinic and becoming personal jungle gyms for the kiddos to climb on.

OneWorld Health | IMG_9725

After wrapping up our last patients and taking an ending inventory of our medications and supplies, our team made its way through the streets of La Carpio to a poorer subset of the community called Las Gradas (‘The Steps’). Here we trekked down 120 steps, reaching the filthiest river in Central America at the bottom (Virilla River). Despite it being one of the filthiest rivers, children are often seen swimming or playing among the trash along the banks of the river. In La Carpio, the closer to the river, the poorer it gets. Our friends at CFCI have built a center at the bottom alongside the river to provide a safe place for children to play, as well as provide meals for children throughout the day. In the midst of the poorest of the poor, CFCI is helping to bring hope to the people of La Carpio.

We are so thankful to have partnered with CFCI and provide care to the people of Costa Rica, including many refugees this week. Though we came to serve, each of us is leaving greatly impacted by those we encountered. God is good and continues to work in each of us!

+ Hannah Duncan, Pharmacy Resident, Primsa Health
+ Reagan Barfield, Pharmacy Resident, Primsa Health