Do you feel called to bring care and healing to the people of the developing world? We are looking for hardworking individuals who believe change is possible not just for a week, but for a lifetime.

Several times a year, OneWorld Health sends teams of short-term medical and non-medical volunteers to serve the communities surrounding our project sites. During the development phases of our medical centers, these teams provide consistent care to the region, build a foundation of quality care and advocate for the clinic that is to come. Once our medical centers are in operation, these teams support the centers by continuing to provide quality care, training and patient referrals. OneWorld Health’s short-term trips pave the way for the success of our long-term projects.

OneWorld Health’s short-term trips pave the way for the success of our long-term projects, while leaving no volunteer the same upon their return home.

What to Expect

OneWorld Health is changing the nature of short-term medical missions. Our week-long experiences provide a unique, impactful cultural and educational experience for our volunteers.

Types of Short-Term Trips

Clinical Outreach
Clinical outreach trips are for medical and non-medical volunteers over the age of 15. Clinics will be designed to incorporate any specialties medical providers attend. Alumni Volunteers do not need to pay an application fee. Trips include cultural experience, clinical outreach experience which connects to our mission.

Family Trips
These trips are open to the public and dedicated to family experiences. They include shorter outreach days with varied roles designed for families, family team building, and cultural experiences.

These are boutique-style volunteer trips closed to the public and designed for OneWorld Health corporate partners’ schedule and vision. Trips can be designed with a partner up to 6 months in advance. Partners need to confirm and agree to cover at least 10 volunteers to run a trip. Pre-Trip orientation programs are designed in conjunction with trip needs. Costs are determined by accommodations and excursions picked by partners.

Sample Weekly Itinerary

Tour the medical center or future medical center site and meet our amazing local staff.

Conduct medical outreach in villages surrounding our permanent medical center. Our volunteers are incredibly valuable in fulfilling different clinic roles such as working with the registration, provider or pharmacy teams. These medical outreaches refer patients, promote our permanent medical center and continue setting a precedent for quality healthcare throughout the region.

Fun-day activity specific to the region to celebrate our accomplishments.

Volunteer Expectations

Pre-Trip Preparation:

  • Participate in online training.
  • Be timely in responses for correspondence.
  • For medical volunteers, submit licensing paperwork in a timely manner.

We expect our volunteers to:

  • Participate in team time.
  • Adhere to OneWorld Health guidelines for appropriate conduct.
  • Respect your fellow teammates.
  • Value patient interactions.
  • Be open-minded.
  • Act from the overflow of a servant’s heart.
  • Be ready for plans to change.
  • Enjoy a little (well, a lot of) dirt under your fingernails.
  • Think with long-term impact in mind.
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