Our Board

Meet our board of directors. Through their leadership and advisement, we work to see
communities empowered to bring about long-term improvements in health and quality of life.

Matt Alexander

    Company: Sovereign Co.
    Title: CEO
    Board Committee: Finance, Development

Dr. Edward O’Bryan

    Company: Graham Healthcare Capital
    Title: Chief Medical Officer
    Board Committee: Medical Committee Chair

Mitchell Harper

    Company: Founder and President
    Title: Mitch Harper and Associates
    Board Committee: Board Chairperson, Finance, Development

Kevin Kampe

    Company: President
    Title: Womack Machine Supply
    Board Committee: Finance

Mark Brinkmoeller

    Company: Vice President
    Title: International Interfaith Peace Corps
    Board Committee: Development

Deleca Reynolds-Barnes

    Company: Wellpath, LLC
    Title: Vice President, Pharmacy
    Board Committee: Medical

Tim Stutz

    Company: Insight Global
    Title: COO
    Board Committee: Development

Leonard Egede

    Company: Medical College of Wisconsin
    Title: Professor of Medicine
    Board Committee: Medical

Hope Caldwell*

    Company: KLH Group
    Title: Principal
    Board Committee: Development

*Advisory capacity, no voting rights.