Team Nicarauga: Clinic Day 3

Aug. 15, 2019

This is my third visit to Nicaragua with OneWorld Health and my first experience as Team Director. My heart is full of thanks each day for how God truly DOES give us everything we need to “abound in every good work”. (2 Cor.9:8). I’ve been getting so much joy weaving in and around our busy clinics observing everyone in action: Kevin from Texas ushering patients into the clinic as if they are royalty—drawing giggles and sometimes applause from the crowd; Brad in triage modelling joy and gentleness one patient after another; Mark the pharmacist still smiling with hardly a break; Haley fitting reading glasses being moved to tears after praying with a patient; Evert the translator speaking to the community members with such humility and respect…I could go on and on.

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More than the grandeur of the volcanoes here, the bright red hibiscus flowers, or the double rainbow that accompanied our drive back today— the most beautiful sight I’ve witnessed by far in Nicaragua is the Body of Christ in action. May our brothers and sisters here connect the dots as we serve them and see Him, too. ❤

Lorelle Perry

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We experienced some wonderful blessings today serving the people of Tonala, Nicaragua for OneWorld Health. Quality and compassionate care as well as medicine, smiles, dancing, hugs, and prayers were dispensed by the 19 OneWorld Health volunteers, interpreters, and Nica staff. Speaking for the volunteers from Canada and the United States what wonderful blessings WE received from the community of Tonala. We are very excited and thankful to head back out tomorrow to serve the beautiful Nicaraguan people. Your heartfelt prayers are felt by everyone on the team down here. Dios te bendiga (may God bless you!)

Mike Meredith, Division President, Atlas Oil Company

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