Team Uganda: Clinic Day 4

Dec. 16, 2019

Hi from Uganda! Thursday, we were near the Kinyari Sugar Cane Plantation. It was quite the experience. Thursday was our first day there, and we had some fairly critical illnesses. We saw a three-year-old with severe malaria and pneumonia that needed transport to a hospital as well as a man that had Typhoid and needed transport. Along with that, we saw a two-day old premature twin that had a congenital malformation in the form of a mass about the size of the poor little one’s head. I can only imagine how each person that walks through the doors of the clinic feels. The mom of the baby must have been terrified, and the father of the three-year-old was probably as well. My heart breaks knowing the fear and pain they probably live in, but I’m personally so grateful for sustainable organizations like OneWorld Health that have seen the need and are making a difference in the communities they touch despite the exposure to things like infectious diseases.

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On Thursday, I was a runner for the clinic, and in doing that, I become so very aware of the importance of every little detail or every procedure. Seeing the way the nurses triaged the patients was so very important to the way that the physicians were able to interact and diagnose the problems discussed during triage. The role of height/weight is also critically important because of the way that the weight of the patient is important for the proper dosing. It would not be possible without the pharmacy team to be able to fill and distribute the medications throughout the day in a timely and thorough manner. Our whole group has really strived to serve the patients the same way they would in the U.S., and I’m just so grateful to be a part of a team that is willing to go above and beyond. Seeing what we have seen and being exposed to what we have been exposed to has not always been easy, but in the end, it is always worth it. If one person now sees the opportunity to have continued care at MKMC and has the ability to feel better, it is always worth the time and potential exhaustion. Huge thanks to OneWorld for meeting people where they are at but never leaving them the same way they found them (and for letting us tag along and learn from them)!

+ Abby Birkner, Nursing Student, Kansas

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