Volunteer FAQ

We have the answers to your frequently asked questions right here.

What is the trip cost and what does that include?

Costs vary per country and trip. Trip costs cover all transportation, lodging, meals, excursions, and outreach experiences. The only outstanding cost would be a Visa application fee depending on the country and some spending money if you wish to bring back any trinkets! 

The fee is $100 application fee for new volunteers +cost fee + flight for each trip. Specific costs can be found on each opportunity at https://oneworldhealth.servicereef.com.

How do people pay for a trip?

We provide an extensive fundraising guide to help our volunteers gain financial support from those around them.

How long will I be gone?

Trip length depends on the country and travel time. Typically, Uganda is 10 days and Central America 7-8 days.

Are trips safe?

Safety is our top priority on these trips. While there are inherent risks associated with traveling abroad, OneWorld Health takes precaution to ensure that each volunteer’s trip experience is a safe one. We boast a 100% safe-return rate for our volunteers and have every intention of keeping it that way. Please contact [email protected] if you would like more information on our safety procedures.

What happens after I submit my application?

Applications are reviewed weekly. Once approved, you will be notified and have access to online training to begin preparations for your trip. If there are any questions with your application, a volunteer member will contact you.

What vaccinations will I need?

We suggest each volunteer contact a local travel clinic to receive vaccinations on an as-needed basis since your current needs will depend on what vaccinations you have had in the past. For more information on recommended vaccinations, you can visit the Centers for Disease Control website at wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel. Proof of Yellow Fever is required for entry into Uganda.

What should I pack?

Each team member is allowed one carry-on bag and one personal item for the trip. We will provide you with a packing list before you depart.

Can I come if I don’t have medical experience?

Yes! Non-medical volunteers are a crucial part of every team. Non-medical volunteers have the opportunity to work in many different areas in the clinic, including registration, pharmacy, children’s therapy, glasses distribution and clinic coordination.

Is OneWorld Health a Christian organization?

OneWorld Health is not a religiously affiliated organization, however we are led by our faith to do this work. We partner with churches both in the United States and abroad to fulfill our mission, and we ask that our team members remain open to the input of these partners.

Where does my money go when I donate?

When you partner with OneWorld Health financially, you can give in confidence that your donation is propelling our growth. 100% of your donation will go toward our goal of improving the quality of accessible healthcare across the globe, whether that is through direct project implementation, mobilization of stateside volunteers or enabling our staff to continually move our initiative forward.

How do you choose your medical outreach sites?

OneWorld Health works closely with our in-country partners to identify the best site to hold outreach. We work with the local ministry of health, health officials, and partners to conduct pre-site visits to determine the best places for our teams to conduct medical outreach. Each site has its own responsibilities to fulfill before the teams arrive, such as advertising the medical outreach in the community, organizing patients the day of, identifying translators, and providing clean drinking water for patients. In this way, our medical outreach is a partnership, empowering and giving responsibility to the community rather than simply a handout.

How can I get involved stateside?

We love volunteers who are willing to support our efforts stateside. Whether that is through financial partnership, in-kind donations, spreading awareness about OneWorld Health or partnering with us through prayer, your support is exceptionally valued. Since our physical volunteer opportunities are only available abroad, as you support OneWorld Health, we also encourage you to find a local nonprofit you can serve within your community.