Care that Endures

We partner with communities in developing countries to bring permanent, sustainable healthcare to the chronically underserved.

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The Need

In developing countries, easy-to-treat issues like infection, diarrhea and broken bones can be devastating. Without basic care, these minor setbacks can spiral into major suffering. As a result, parents can’t work, children leave school to join the workforce, the local economy lags and the cycle of poverty continues.

In the places we serve, basic healthcare is never guaranteed, and there are far too many reasons why. Government healthcare systems are overwhelmed and underfunded. Not enough doctors, supplies and medicine. Too many patients who can’t afford treatment. Temporary relief clinics that are, well, temporary. And medical centers that focus solely on specific high-profile diseases.

All of this adds up to a powerful recipe for prolonging poverty.

We believe every person is created equal in the eyes of God.

However, not everyone is treated equally, especially when it comes to their own basic medical needs. So we decided to do something about it.

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Our Approach

OneWorld Health is a 501(c)(3) organization that fills the gaps left by governmental, temporary and narrowly focused healthcare efforts. We’ve created a smarter, sustainable, permanent approach that puts the power to heal back into the community’s hands.

We build healthcare facilities that provide a full scope of medical services and are designed to be affordable and accessible. The best and the brightest local physicians are identified and receive ongoing training from OneWorld Health’s team of U.S. board-certified physicians. Best of all, our medical centers are designed to be 100% operational and self-sufficient in 18 to 24 months.

Our Mission

To provide quality, affordable healthcare to people in need.

Our Vision

To see communities empowered to bring about long-term improvements in health and quality of life.

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Two things are clear. Our model works. And we need your help to keep this mission moving forward.

Proven Impact

Just 13 months after opening our first healthcare center abroad, patient fees exceeded operating costs. Since 2011, all of our medical centers either have become self-sustaining, or are on track to do so in 18 to 24 months. OneWorld Health has provided care to more than 400,000 patients – which means we’ve impacted even more. More than 2,400 volunteers have given over 180,000 hours to support this world-changing mission.

Now imagine what we could do if we had more help.

Nearly 600,000 patients treated in Uganda, Nicaragua, and Honduras!

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Medical Centers in Nicaragua

  • OWH - List Item Clínica El Viejo opened in 2014
  • OWH - List Item Clínica Integral Sébaco opened in 2015
  • OWH - List Item Clínica Integral Tola opened in 2017
  • OWH - List Item Mobile medical unit opened in 2017
  • OWH - List Item Clínica Mayoreo opened in 2017
  • OWH - List Item Clínica Central Lab (Managua) opened in 2017
  • OWH - List Item Clínica Antiguos Juzgados opened in 2018
  • OWH - List Item Clínica Jinotega opened in 2018
  • OWH - List Item Clínica Huembes opened in 2021

Medical Centers in Uganda

  • OWH - List Item Masindi Kitara Medical Center opened in 2011
  • OWH - List Item Bulima Kitara Medical Center opened in 2016
  • OWH - List Item Kijunjubwa Medical Center opened in 2017
  • OWH - List Item Bweyale Medical Center opened in 2019

Medical Centers in Honduras

  • OWH - List Item Clínica Siguatepeque opened in 2021