August 7, 2017


Today, we had a good breakfast at the hotel, an interesting tour of a park on Lake Managua, then hit the road in a yellow school bus (un-air conditioned) into the country side.

Nicaragua is the second poorest nation in this hemisphere. Over 42% of the county lives below the poverty level. Over 55% of the population is under 15. Lack of education and limited access to quality health care also contribute to the cycle of poverty.

On the other hand, the countryside is gorgeous and filled with beautiful mountains. We had a great lunch at the Rosti Pollo in Sébaco followed by a visit to the Sébaco clinic. It was then a short bus ride up to Esteli where we checked in at another Hotel Hex.

After a short rest in our rooms, we met and divided into our groups- registration, triage, physicians, dentists, etc. and made plans for our first clinic day tomorrow. By breaking into teams we were able to get more detailed in our planing and preparations. While there are still questions and unknowns we are ready to see patients in the morning. We roll out early to make the drive to Sébaco. We are excited and ready for tomorrow to do what we came here to do-to provide excellent care to these Nicaraguan patients.

+ Richard Liipfert and Dawn Liipfert
+ Jimmy Asbell



Happy Sunday from Nicaragua! We have had a great rain-filled day. We got a tour of the El Viejo Clinic, the first OneWorld Health clinic in Nicaragua; there Dr. Jenny, our medical director, and Oscar, our in-country volunteer coordinator, did a great job explaining the services that the clinic offered and community impact it’s had since opening.

After that we loaded up our supplies for the week and returned to the hotel to take inventory and prepare for tomorrow. We finished the day with delicious dinner and some team encouragement.  We have had amazing food everyday, but one of my favorites was dinner tonight. We were served salad, rice, mixed veggies, potatoes, steak and awesome fish (corvina sea bass)!

We are so excited and ready to go serve the people of Nicaragua–can’t wait to see all God has in store for us this week! Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!

+ Jennifer Meredith
+ Sandi Phillips

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