August 11, 2017


The word of the day today is vulnerability. It’s so easy to feel insecure in a foreign environment. The unknown is always  scary in life but when new people, a new country, foods, and customs are involved it always seems worse.

I came to Nicaragua with a decades old “Bucket List” in mind and wanted to check it off. It seemed the moral and Christian thing to do. I, however, never realized what a gift I was giving myself. Seeing so many come together to help reach a common goal has been amazing especially at such a divisive time in our world’s history.

Hearing each others’ life stories has been both inspiring and heart breaking. Devotionals at 5:45 AM seemed “iffy” but most everyone attended and were blessed for having done so. The richness of “community”, both ours and our patients’ have been MUCHO evident.

I go home in a few days with a new respect for missions—the strength and tenacity of the human spirit, and its place in the world. I find myself blessed beyond measure.

“From those who are given much, much is required.”

I also cannot help but comment on the Mother-Daughter teams, and how proud I am of my time with my daughter. I am proud of her contribution. I am sure that the other mothers feel the same. What a memory for them and for us!

+ Len Hickman, Nurse

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