August 6, 2017

Wow. Just wow. If only there were enough words that could be put together to begin to describe the experience that I am having; IT ISN’T EVEN POSSIBLE AND ITS ONLY DAY 1 IN THIS AMAZING PLACE. The people that have helped us get situated, settled, and feel like family are beyond incredible!

Today my heart and appetite were introduced and warmly welcomed to some of the the most phenomenal foods- from fresh chipatti to amazing dhaal fry and bahjia potatoes. After breakfast, lunch, great conversation, and the tour, we got after it with some training and began to perfect our duties for the coming days. Afterwards, it was an honor being able to get the opportunity to see one of the most amazing hospitals that OneWorld Health has established. Walking through it was quite the experience and we were able to see all of the locals saying hello and eagerly running over to welcome us to their beautiful home!

When we returned to the place we are staying, we split up into our teams to finalize our gear for the following days. Being able to see the enthusiasm and excitement in everybody’s working hands was making me way more ecstatic than anticipating Christmas morning as a child. To finish off the day it was awesome being able to have dinner, celebrate a birthday (Happy Birthday Hillary), then hear about some awesome people’s backgrounds. Cheers to Uganda and all of its amazing people.

+ John Paul Lopez, Programs Assistant, Naval Youth Program
Photo by Josh Drake

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