August 7, 2017

Day one of clinic and my body is covered from head to toe in dirt, my back aches, but my heart has never felt so full. We began the morning waking up at sunrise with eager and anxious minds not knowing what the day would bring. After a 60 min drive through the tall, green, vast fields of sugar cane we arrived in Onadra. Upon arriving we were greeted by hundreds of smiling faces clapping and cheering as we parked the vans and set up clinic.

After quickly setting up all the different stations, we greeted our first group of patients. Seeing the pure joy of each and every patient as we would assess their pain and needs was worth every long mile traveled. The people could not express enough gratitude for our service. Little did they know, they were impacting my life in ways I couldn’t even begin to put into words.. and it’s only day one!!

After seeing around 140 patients we packed up our supplies and headed back to Masindi hotel where a delicious dinner was waiting on us. Coming together as a group after a long hard day and talking about ways to improve and hearing all of the different stories each person experienced was an inspiring start for the week to come. We ended the night getting to gaze up at a partial lunar eclipse. WHOOHOO GO ASTRONOMY!!

I can’t express how thankful I am for the experience and this culture. It’s only day one and my heart is full of love for these people. Excited to see what the Lord does with the rest of the week! HUGS!

+ Bailey Turner, Scribe, Stillwater Medical Center
Photo by Josh Drake

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