March 16, 2017


Today was the last full day of clinic! We traveled about an hour away to Ntooma where we were able to see 238 patients. Getting all of the vans there was a struggle; one of them overheated causing about a 20-minute delay on our journey. To “cool the engine down,” they had to lift up the front seat? We guess that’s how they get to the engine…and proceeded to pour water on it. It all worked out so we made it in one piece.

Once everyone finally arrived and got set up, the clinic started full blast. Everyone truly put in all of the Beverly we had left to make this last day great. The patients that came through were definitely interesting, and providers had to consult each other on all sorts of cases to make sure the patient was getting the best treatment. In the pharmacy, we were slammed! The amount of griseofulvin tablets that had to be split into fourths was our “favorite”… also, starting out the morning with only one interpreter created a few obstacles for us, but with an amazing team, we survived the day and finished strong.

So now,  we are  ready for one more half day of clinic before we had out to Murchison falls for the weekend. We are going on a safari!

+ Brittany Taylor and Anne Brookes Powell, USC School of Pharmacy

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