August 13, 2017

We have been so incredibly busy the past two days with finishing up clinic, counting zillions of tablets, and partying our faces off!!!

Last night we got to see a local dance and music group perform at the hotel for us, and man did we dance! Seeing the culture of the locals through their outfits, their vocals, and their dances wa so breathtaking.

Today we traveled to the safari lodge that we are spending the night in and it is beautiful. It is such a genuine African experience and a relaxing way to end the week that has changed all of our lives. We took in the scenery and the sweet breeze, had a home cooked meal, then made our way out into the grasslands on the safari. We saw so many incredible animals, both big and small. The vast lands that we saw just showed us how big our God is, and the incredible artist that He is with his landscapes.

Tonight we will be glamping in tents, and tomorrow we will embark on our ever-so-long journey home!

We miss our family and friends, and of course our 4 legged furry babies!!

See you all soon and blessings to all.

+ Maggie Harrell

+ Emilia Vawter

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