August 11, 2017

Hello again!! I’m sitting on the same dusty wood floors where I recounted my first few days in Uganda and I couldn’t be more joyful. The past few days I REALLY cannot put into words. I always say that when referring to Uganda, but trust me- that speaks volumes.

My last trip to the heavenly green-coated landscapes littered with raw, untouched land was beyond expectation. From the team to those first culture-shocking experiences and the incredible medical feats completed each and every day at clinic, I really didn’t think I could beat it.

Fortunately for me, I have a God that works beyond human expectation and belief. Where I thought I had seen rare medical abnormalities, He placed a girl born without the formation of a sternum; where I thought I had experienced intense longing for love from innocent brown eyes, He placed a young girl who refused to let go of my hand, my pant leg, and especially my heart; where I thought I had seen extreme poverty, He placed me in front of a 10 pound baby, that had only been fed twice a day for his five months of life.

Our God is SO eager to allow us to see what breaks his heart, and for that mine breaks as well. Don’t get me wrong, my first African experience is so close to my heart.. but what an experience it is to allow new memories into this part of my heart.

Among the tragedy, the poverty, and the heartbreak is incredible love and soul-filling joy!  The people we’ve met fingerprint the deepest parts of my soul and already have me wishing for more time. The dirt, the bugs falling from the ceiling, the unintentional dreadlocks from millions of babies braiding my mane are so worth every second of my time here.

Webale, Uganda!

+ Emilia Vawter, College of Charleston Student

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