May 12, 2017

Today was our 4th clinic day and we were in Onadra which is close to Kinyara. Kinyara has which has a large sugar cane processing factory and we drove through miles and miles of sugar cane to get to Onadra. The drive was beautiful and we saw a monkey! The dentist on our team had a busy day today, as many of the local residents chew on the sugar cane all day.

The community was eager that we were there today and turned out in large numbers. Our team was able to see 216 patients today. A large portion of the patients had severe wounds on their legs today, which allowed the therapy students to put into practice their wound care education.

Our morning devotion, which was on joy, inspired us to seek joy in serving others. The team works so hard throughout the week, and it is so cool to look around the clinic on any day and see everyone working and enjoying serving the patients we are seeing. We have also noticed throughout the week that while the patients we are seeing do not have much, they have an immense amount of joy. It is truly inspiring!

While it is bittersweet to have only one more day of clinic, we are excited to return to Onadra tomorrow and serve as many people as we can and to take care of the translators and all of the other individuals who have helped us throughout the week in so many ways.

+ Morgan Zurborg, ENT

+ Caitlin Keller, MUSC OT Student


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