May 11, 2017
As we entered our second day at Runyana it was clear this site was going to provide us with some of the most heart breaking and medically complex cases of our careers. Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Joe Calandra remarked that it was particularly heart breaking for him to see adolescents with congenital malformations significantly limiting their function, as in the US they would have been easily fixed and living a normal life.
Rehab was put to the test throughout the day as not one, but three patients came in walking on their hands crippled by Polio. They worked tirelessly to repair a wheelchair that had once been thought to be trash so that two of those patients left out sitting upright. A truly amazing sight that made everyone stop and remember why they came on this trip. The third was measured for a custom chair. The team will pull resources to look for a vendor to donate or fundraise to purchase.
The team got back very late as we saw our highest number of patients to date, 227! Another successful day.

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