Team Stillwater Nicaragua: Clinic Day 4

January 16, 2018

As I reflect upon not only today, but this week in whole, what comes to my mind is the song “Good, Good Father.” The entire group of volunteers gathered together to worship last night, and as this song was played and passion filled voices were ubiquitous amongst the group. The specific line, “I’ve seen many searching for answers far and wide, but I know we’re all searching for answers only you provide” is majorly applicable to what our group’s predominant mission is geared to. Our team saw over 600 patients in just 4 days; each citizen looking for unique cures and answers for their health. But precisely as the song states, without God no solutions are to be found. It leaves me speechless to think that our crew is here based upon the notion that we are doing exactly what Jesus was sent to Earth to do: heal. Just as Jesus was able to do works through our Father, our crew was able to do the same. Hundreds of Nicaraguan natives were able to seek and find answers provided by our Lord. God worked through the team with the talents he provided each member.

Personally, I have no medical background, but I am extremely thankful for the opportunity I was given to attend this trip. I find it very difficult to fully describe the feelings of pure joy I experienced. I spent my days interacting with patients through registration and running, and truthfully speaking, I have never seen more unique and lovable spirits than those here in Nicaragua. The immaculate dignity and compassion that our patients embody is incomparable. I found memories that will last a lifetime and relationships that I know I can confine in.

Thank you OneWorld Health and everyone who made this possible for this opportunity!!

+ Kate Carpenter

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