May 15, 2017

It’s hard to believe that today was our last day of clinic in Nicaragua. We had the pleasure of serving in the new Tola clinic, which is pretty different than the sites we have been working in all week. It was really cool to be able to serve in an urban center. We were able to work with and provide health care to 106 patients. We were so thankful to be welcomed by the town and the clinic.

We got the chance to work with so many amazing patients, but one stood out in our minds today. Our provider team diagnosed a boy with cerebral palsy and was sent our way in therapy. We were able to educate his mom on making an adaptive washcloth to allow him to be more independent in his daily life!

After clinic, we packed up and headed to the Pacific Ocean. We spent the end of our day at Playa Gigante playing on the beach and attempting to surf (well some of us!). It’s hard to believe our week in clinic has come to a close, it’s been such a rewarding experience and we have been so welcomed by the Nicaraguan people.

We will always remember our time spent in Nicaragua!

+ Eliza Gunner, MUSC OTD Student

+ Caroline Emmanuel, MUSC OTD Student

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