January 25, 2018
As I sit in the flight home and start contemplating on this amazing trip, I am once again reminded how great God is and how special His creation and His people are.
Not only was it incredible to get to help the precious people of Nicaragua and see a beautiful and interesting new country, but it was equally amazing to get to know the members of my team. The people of Nicaragua were so appreciative, patient and kind. They were a joy to serve!
Our team was not only great at what they did this week professionally, but also some of the kindest, most caring people I’ve ever met; the medical and dental care they gave to the 779 people we saw over 3 1/2 days of clinics was astounding! Our dentists extracted 150 teeth, Megan was able to give eyeglasses to around 250 people and I can’t even begin to guess how many prescriptions our pharmacists gave out. Mendy and the registration team were phenomenal and our Doctors were top notch. Our team was proficient, efficient and above all, cared mightily for everyone from babies to age of 105. Our team had no complaints, no fussing or fighting… only everyone working for the “greater good”.
Even though I only knew two people on the team going into Nicaragua, the team welcomed me with open arms! It didn’t take long at all for us to “gel” and become a true team. The night of worship we had was just so special, and I will never forget that time of sweet fellowship nor when we sang in a mountain top chapel. This experience was truly a glimpse of Heaven on earth, and even though we were from different tribes, we were of one heart. God is so good!!
I will never forget my time in Nicaragua, nor my team. I know we made a very real difference in an incredible number of lives and we were all so blessed to get to serve the people of Nicaragua this week. I know this experience has changed me for the better, and forever!!
Thank you to Edy Mimms for being such an incredible team leader, to Oscar, Julio & Everett for taking such good care of us, to the translators – you were awesome!!
From TipTop Chicken to the hotel Casa de La Pradera (thank you Roger for the great service!), to the bus rides, to the clinics, to the churches, to the card games at the hotel, to learning what level ocho is (thank you Jeff!), to Dr. Matt straightening us out at the end of the day, to all the laughter, to the amazing fellowship, to singing in the bathrooms, to our airport in Houston being closed, to Troy being searched …every second was priceless!!
Btw… if you ever see a CD by the group Pottytonics – buy it!!
Kristen Terrell

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