January 25, 2018
I could hear the native species of birds outside my hotel window. It is the most peaceful way to wake from sleep I have ever found in travel. I smiled in the morning light as I reflected in what a God had done over the past four days in Nicaragua. In that time, our medical mission team of doctors, dentists, nurses, pharmacists and support personnel (a motley band of 23 in total) had seen hundreds of patients. “God is good…all the time” came to mind. What a pleasure to serve God’s children with our talents, talents appointed by Him!
The light began to spill into our small hotel room. My roommate’s alarm started to sound. Not the annoying default Apple alarm…this was an acoustic guitar riff that was soft and sweet. It started light as rhythm and volume would build over time, I wondered if he had recorded it himself? That question could wait til after coffee. Perhaps I could sit by him on the bus ride back to Managua where we will catch the flight home later today.
What an amazing adventure. A sense of accomplishment filled the air at breakfast. We had done everything we set out to do on the trip, but as in life God had surprises in store. Old friends united & new friends made. To serve together as the hands and feet of God welds a bond that can never be broken.
Brothers and sisters in Christ? Yes!
Ready to serve again? Always!
+ Troy Simons, PharmD

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