Te Amo Nicaragua

Meet Roy

Jul. 19, 2018

Roy was excited about his new job as a lab sample delivery person, but we think he was even more excited when he saw the uniform, a slick yellow and black jacket. Since November, Roy has traded in delivering propane tanks on the back of his bike to transporting patients’ lab samples safely and quickly from our new Mayoreo and Nejapa medical centers in urban Managua, to our Central Lab in the center of the city.

Lately, due to the police presence and protestor roadblocks in the city, Roy has had to continuously reroute his deliveries last-minute. Thick black smoke from burning tires, and thousands of citizens marching in the streets block his pathway. Yet, Roy never complains about the ways in which his job has become increasingly difficult during his country’s crisis. We’re proud of our many staff members like Roy. We’re committed to continue to keeping him as safe as possible, and we’re so thankful for the ways in which he lives out our mission and values each day.

We’d like to ask you to join us as we show our commitment to our staff through prayer, encouragement and financial support.