December 12, 2017

On the first night of our Uganda trip my true love gave to me…a canceled flight. Clearly that true love did not work out. Here’s the story: everyone on the trip was coming from a different location and the majority of us were flying through Atlanta. But because of the snow storms our flight from Atlanta to Amsterdam got canceled so we ended up having to spend an extra night in the States which sadly means we have to miss a day of clinical in Uganda. We left on Saturday and started our very long journey with a flight from Charleston to Atlanta (which was delayed by 4 hours again because of the ice). This meant that we only had about 30 minutes to make our connection to Amsterdam. Once we got off the plane we had to sprint to our next gate which was quite literally the furthest terminal from where we were. The other half of the group had to drive to Atlanta because their flight from Columbia, SC was canceled. They cheered us on as we sprinted to them, all of us meeting for the first time. We arrived right as they were calling last boarding call for our flight and we boarded out of breath, exhausted, and maybe a little sweaty (sorry to the people sitting next to us). Our flight from Atlanta to Amsterdam was about seven hours.

On arrival in Amsterdam, we were greeted by festive Christmas lights and the heavenly aroma of sweet pancakes. The airport itself was very charming- lots of little booths to snuggle in, literal tea cups to eat a snack in, and massage booths scattered around the terminal. Even though we were all exhausted (at this point it was 5am Sunday morning), we saved all of our strength to chow down on some amazing mini pancakes, croissants, and omelettes! Thankfully, our team was able to work some magic and get us all on the same flight to Uganda! Around 9am we departed Amsterdam and headed towards Entebbe. The majority of our group snoozed away throughout the entire flight.

Ten and a half hours later we arrived into Entebbe, Uganda at 10:30pm and went through customs and loaded into vans which took us to our hotel for the night. We arrived around 12:00am and had a late night snack of chicken and chips (fried chicken French fries which hit the spot). We all went to bed for a much needed night of sleep. Breakfast the next morning was at 6am. After breakfast, we started the 6 hour car drive to Masindi. Many of us who had been to Uganda before were used to the chaos of the Kampala streets, but for everyone else it was a bit of a wild ride!

The Masindi hotel was a welcoming sight- the staff (cheerful as always) greeted us with cold towels and water bottles to help us refresh! We settled in to our rooms and then had a quick lunch, before heading to tour MKMC, the medical center founded by OneWorld Health. After the tour, we came back to the hotel to organize our supplies and prep for the week of clinic. We ended the day with an amazing dinner and team introductions. It has been quite the journey for the last two days, but we cannot wait for this upcoming week and all the memories to come! Now, time to sleep…nighty night!!

+ Austin Hinton and Melanie Geradts
+Photo by Micah Lindstrom


December 11, 2017

The Uganda team has safely arrived and they are on their way to Masindi! After many setbacks caused by the winter storm that hit the southeast, they are all safe and sound!! Follow along on the blog this week as the team serves the patients in Uganda.


December 10, 2017

Our Nicaragua team has safely arrived in country! They will be staying the night in Managua and then will head to Tola tomorrow. We cannot wait to see how the team works together to serve patients this week! Be sure to follow along on the blog each day.