December 13, 2017

Good Evening from Nicaragua! Tonight our blog post is sponsored by the 3 woman pharmacy team: Kati, Katie, and Cat. Say that three times fast. Ha! Clinic today was night and day compared to our maiden voyage yesterday! While we were able to serve over 200 patients yesterday, we really took the opportunity to evaluate our efficiency and improve for the days to come. Today, we again served over 200 patients, but in a vastly more organized and timely manner which worked wonders for team morale and in full stride we had a fantastic day!

Our highlights tonight focus on pharmacy and the service our group contributes to the team and the communities we serve. We are lucky enough to have three pharmacy professionals on our team including Kati, a licensed pharmacist and graduate of Mercer University’s pharmacy program, and Katie and Cat,both 4th year pharmacy interns from the Medical University of South Carolina. These three ladies as well as two assigned helpers staff our clinic pharmacy every day and have been filling, on average, 550 prescriptions each day. The pharmacy staff adds an additional level of safety to the running of our clinics and elevates the value of our care. Having medication experts available to counsel patients and advise prescribers is an indispensable part of any health care system, and has become even more so in our compact model of service.

If you want to know a little more about the medication we provide, prescribing trends have heavily favored allergy relief, antibiotics for various infections, pain relief for aches old and new, and nutritional supplementation for children and pregnant women. It has been really humbling to experience the difference a few tablets of ibuprofen can make in the life of a person living with minimal access to healthcare. Luckily, the model of OneWorld Health is working to insure that never has to be the case again. We look forward to serving right down the road from OneWorld Health’s Clinica Integral Tola tomorrow and providing some much needed publicity to the accessible care options available at this permanent community health center.

As always, no part of our daily clinics, especially pharmacy, can function well and to its fullest ability without the support of all the amazing volunteers who staff each area. We are fully indebted to the ceaseless work ethic, calm execution, and tireless joy that comes with the very special team of volunteers that have gathered this week. This team is truly wonderful.

Buenos noches, hasta mañana!

+ Kati Turner, Katie Bradley, Cat Rigdon


With clear eyes and full hearts we end our first day of outreach. It was a good but long day so we are off to bed for some much needed rest. We can’t wait to tell you more stories tomorrow!


December 12, 2017

Today was the very first clinic day-and it was exciting to say the very least. The energy, the smiles, the laughter, and some howling monkeys had us all moving nonstop. But I don’t just mean physically, I mean spiritually too. Never have I ever felt such a warm, connected feeling towards and among a group of people. It’s a feeling that I think or that I know this world so desperately needs. It’s a feeling where discrepancies and/or judgements over and for gender, age, race, and religious belief goes away. It’s a place where all are made me to feel welcome, important, valued, but most importantly, respected as a human life. It’s a feeling that I wish to give to my future patients as a future physician, but it’s also just a feeling that I wish for all people to have always.

It takes me back to kindergarten, and the introduction of the infamous golden rule. But out of all my schooling it’s the one single rule that has never seemed to fade away, be disproven, or needed to not be taken seriously. It is a rule that I hold in my heart, and that all these other people on this mission hold in theirs too. It’s a rule that makes me feel as though there is always such fundamental good in this world… but that it just simply needs to be coaxed or encouraged out sometimes.

Feeling safe and loved, in your most vulnerable state, (i.e. in your health), is a feeling that I and these people wish to give to all, because we have had the opportunity to have felt that feeling, more times than not, at some point in our lives. As a young person, a young scholar, and a young aspiring physician, I am so incredibly moved everyday by the opportunity that education gives not only to the person themselves, but to others. And in that, if education, (especially medical education), is acquired and then shared with a full heart, bursting with passion and encouragement to spread goodness to all—that is extremely powerful and moving.

It inspires me to study hard and to keep my head high and my heart strong, so that I can continue to share my light, love, energy, and respect for all those who deserve that, especially in terms of their health. These people, within one day, have showed me what it means to love, and to not just see that, but to feel that and share it with others. It leaves me speechless, but I think I knew that coming into something like this, with an organization like OneWorld Health.

There’s a good thing going on here you guys-and we’ve got all week to keep sharing a piece of all that it is, with all of you. Send us your love, and we’ll send it right back!

+Kedron Walsh, Pre-Med