January 12, 2018

It’s the end of day one! We traveled from all over Oklahoma and South Carolina to converge in Nicaragua! After breezing through customs – well not so much fast as no problems- the team met up with Julio, our fearless bus driver. It was a great reunion for those who knew Juilo from last year’s trip.

The team also met up with Oscar, TJ, Terri, Everett and our Team Director, Edy. We ate at Rosti Pollo for lunch and then went to our hotel. The hotel is nice- inclusive of hot water and air conditioning! Once we were at the hotel, we inventoried our supplies and prepared for clinic tomorrow. Everyone has worked so hard to get everything set up just right! After all of that we enjoyed a yummy meal together.

It has been wonderful getting to meet new people and learn about each other- we cannot wait to see what the week holds for us. We are so thankful for these wonderful people who are giving so much to make this week happen!

+ Krsiten Terrell


December 17, 2017

We wrapped up our week in Nicaragua today, meeting at 5 AM for a walk on the beach before breakfast at 6, prayer at 6:30, and departure from Surf Sanctuary to the Friday Clinic site at 7:05 AM.

We arrived on site at 7:20 AM.  There were many eager patients waiting to see the medical and dental teams.  Lunch was served at 12:15 PM.  Following lunch, the team packed up, and said heartfelt goodbyes to our beloved and appreciated translation team.  It was very difficult to leave after we all developed such close relationships between the two teams.  We will miss our translators so much!

All supplies were inventoried before heading to the Tola One World Clinic for a tour, so we all could see how our care this week would impact the community in the long-term.

Following the tour, we returned to the hotel to watch the sunset over the Pacific Ocean, while taking many fun group photos together.  Dinner was served at 6 PM, followed by team shout-outs and life stories.

Team members then had the opportunity to purchase coffee to support Young Life and patches from One World.

Christmas presents have been taken care-of!  Everyone is looking forward to tomorrow’s day off to explore the local culture.

+Emily Boge


December 15, 2017

Our Nicaragua team is having a blast serving the communities around our facility in Tola! It isn’t just all work and no play as you can tell by the photo… the team has begun to feel like family!