May 9, 2017

Day 1 in the clinic was an experience to never forget. With being able to serve a grand total of 144 people with such a small team, many of us being new comers to the ‘world’ of OneWorld Health trips, it was truly a success. We set up camp in a very small church, taking over the inside as well as using the outside grounds for treatment, and jumped in.

With such a great start to our week in the clinic, we also had the most eventful and exciting end to our first day. As I was sitting on the edge of a wall waiting for the rest of the groups to finish up, I looked off into the trees in the distance, exhausted and probably a little dehydrated, and at first what I thought was a dog on top of a tin roof was in fact a monkey! Of course, being the only one who saw this monkey and frantically running up to everyone I knew to tell them about it, everyone thought I was seeing imaginary things in my end-of-the-first-day exhaustion. I gave everyone a few good laughs and some jokes directed at me and my imagination, but within the following ten minutes, a whole family of monkeys made an appearance for the entire team to see! Watching the family of monkeys jump from limb to limb until they were just above head was truly a sight. Turns out, I wasn’t crazy after all, and everyone got an amazing experience exploring rural Nicaragua with monkeys overhead.

+ Hannah Boyce, MUSC OTD Student


May 8, 2017

Today was our first day at clinic and we were able to treat over 185 patients!! One of our first patients was a little girl named Mary who was 7 months. At 2 months, she contracted meningitis, and now she suffers from hydrocephalus. Her mother is not able to take her to a hospital for treatment. She is not able to sit up like a normal baby because of the weight of her head. Our team was able to adapt a bumbo with PVC pipes, duct tape and foam so that Mary is now able to sit up by herself. Mary’s mother also received therapy and was taught some proper body mechanics for digging and gardening, which is a common profession in Uganda. We are hopeful to send more adaptive equipment back to the site in August to further help Mary because she will outgrow the bumbo seat soon. We learned a lot today from Mary and our many other patients.

We were very fortunate to practice our skills as well as learn about the culture of living and working in the Biizi community. The village is full of many wonderful and friendly people. We are so grateful for this experience and a great first day of our mission week. We learned a lot about ourselves and how we can better serve the needs of the Ugandan people this week in our different clinics. After day one, we are looking forward to more great and rewarding days in Uganda!
+ Madi Smith, MUSC OTD Student
+ Anna Wilson, MUSC DPT Student


Our first full day in Nicaragua began in beautiful Managua with many of us waking up to the view of mountains and volcanoes outside our hotel rooms. We enjoyed a delicious breakfast at our hotel and devotional by the hotel pool focusing on the “incarnation” of Jesus before departing for the Parque Histórico. While at the park, we were able to learn about the history of Nicaragua and walk through an impressive miniature display of the city. After the park, we headed out to meet TJ at his house and learn about the sustainable and inventive model of OneWorld Health in Nicaragua. One of the highlights of my day was eating fresh mango picked from the tree at TJ’s house. The sweetness of the mango was unlike any I have ever tasted, and I would highly recommend it to everyone!

We dined (AKA overate) at the tasty Rosti Pollos, which included an array of Nicaraguan appetizers, chicken fajitas, and kabobs. Following lunch, we departed on our voyage of a beautiful and colorful display of houses and shops for Rivas, Nicaragua. Our hotel in Rivas is adjacent to the second largest lake in the world (sharks even swim in there!), Lake Nicaragua, and will now be our home for the rest of the week.

After arriving to the hotel we worked hard to prepare and organize all of our materials for our FIRST DAY OF CLINIC (Woo!) tomorrow! The team then shared another delicious meal together for dinner and wrapped up the night with Life Stories. I feel so blessed to be able to take part in this opportunity and work with an incredible team of individuals already. We could not be more excited to begin serving in the clinic tomorrow! iBuenos noches!

– Kristy Householder, MUSC OTD Student