August 9, 2017

Hello from Uganda! This morning, we enjoyed a beautiful Ugandan sunrise on our way to Kirwala. This is the first time One World Health has visited and treated people in this village, and they were very excited to welcome us as we arrived. We were able to treat approximately 150 people within a small school there. It is very humbling to see their appreciation of the basic healthcare services provided. The smallest things, such as having reading glasses or basic medications, make such a difference for and to them. We also enjoyed watching a few team members entertain the children with various flips and handstands today! Nice work guys! =) Additionally, we have seen a variety of animals over the last few days, including a very large snake (thankfully, deceased), large birds, goats, longhorn cattle (those horns!), chickens, dogs, and a monkey or two!

Each day has brought new and different challenges. Continuous creativity is required to get through the days, as we search for solutions to help each patient’s unique needs with limited resources. Our team has bonded through these trials and successes. We are grateful for each team member and their individual skills. Everyone on the team is passionate about serving the people here and the work they are doing. Sometimes, the need seems so great and it is difficult to feel that our short-term investment will have a lasting impact. However, that’s one of the wonderful things about OWH. They don’t just focus on these short-term trips, but even more importantly, on continuing this care through their clinic locations that they are continuing to expand. At the end of the day, we pray we are not just providing care to assist these people today, but that we are educating them about their healthcare options for the future.

As a team, we are all thankful for those back at home who helped to make this trip possible through their prayers and financial support. Without you, helping and healing these people would not be possible. We are excited to see what God has in store for us during the remainder of our trip!

+ Meryl & Dusty Hughes



What an amazing day providing medical and dental care to the people in la comunidad Labronza, a remote area in the mountains. The country side is beautiful and we saw guava fields, passion fruit and native squash growing alongside the road. As if this all wasn’t adventurous enough, we experienced a bus mishap and nearly could not make it up the mountain!! Our bus driver, Julio, is awesome and with the help of our amazing interpreters managed to coordinate a caravan to the village.

Even with the delay to the start to our day, we saw 166 patients and ended the day with a beautiful sunset over the mountains. A long but rewarding day!

+ Dr. Don and Kay Benton


August 8, 2017

Although we have only been in Uganda for 3 full days, it has already been a trip of a lifetime. We have seen almost 300 patients already!

I am amazed at the beauty of the country. The hills roll with lush green grass and trees. It is all so untouched, unlike the majority of the United States. The true beauty of the country is its people. They are so proud to be from Uganda and so appreciative of every little thing. I’ve always heard about the African people with no shoes or carrying heavy items on their heads. However, this does not become so real until you see it for yourself. At least half the children walking to school are shoeless and another quarter’s shoes are falling apart. Meanwhile I am planning on leaving my shoes here because they are old and I have plenty at home. We see people of all ages carrying water, books, baskets, etc. on their heads. These people never complain, they are forever gracious. They also have an unwavering faith for the Lord despite their situations. They are just simply happy and faithful.

I am so excited to see what the rest of the week has in store for us. I hope to impact so many more lives along the journey and continue to get to know this amazing group of people more. God has blessed us all to bring us together to help these incredible people.

+ Ali Gray DeLoache, Student, Winthrop University
Photo by Paul Kim